Sea and Oceans :

This page is dedicated to some very specific topics of the sea and Oceans universe.

As of today, the three topics treated on this page are the submarines, the warships and the fishing technic known as the Surfcasting

Submarines :

Since the beginning of times, and the famous Nautilus of the Capitain Nemo, the man never cease to imagine and develop ships that can dive and move in the deep of the Ocean....

  • The Subs ancestors :

  • The barrel of Alexander invented by the engineers of Alexander the Great in 325 BC. The legend says that Alexander the Great himself used this first diving bell in 325 BC.
  • The diving bell developped by Edmund Halley (1656 - 1742). The discoverer of the famous comet built a diving bell in which three men lived during one hour and forty-five minutes under thirty feet of water....
  • The Turtle conceived in 1775 par the American David Bushnell. This first operational submarine attacked on Sptember 6th 1776 HMS Eagle, a british ship of 64 guns
  • The Nautilus developped in 1797 by Robert Fulton, moved by hand with three sailors.
  • Le Plongeur built by the French Bourgois et Brun in 1863 (Air compressed engine / 421 Displacement tons).
  • L'Ictinéo First submarine using combustible (steam and peroxyde) launch in 1867 by the Catalan Narcís Monturiol.
  • Le Goubet construit en 1885 par Claude Goubet.
  • Le Gymnote launched in 1887 by Dupuy de Lôme et Zédé, 51 feet long, 4 knots while diving.
  • Le Narval built by Lauboeuf in 1904. This ships got on steam engine and one electrical engine.
  • La Méduse : Submarine of the beginning of the XXth century.

  • WWII subs

  • U-Boote
  • : The Unterseeboote : The German Subs of the two World wars.
  • Classe : U-Boot VII
  • : The German submarine the most built and used during the WW II.
  • Classe : U-Boot XXI
  • : The last German submarine of the WW II.
  • Classe : SeeHund
  • : A midget submarin from Germany.
  • Classe : Kairyu
  • : A midget submarin from Germany.

  • Cold War and Current subs

  • Classe : Typhoon
  • : The greatest submarine ever built.
  • Class : Ohio
  • : The current class of American SSBN (L-171;T-18750;V-25).
  • Class : Virginia
  • : The current class of American SSN (L-115;T-7800;V-32).
  • Class : Redoudatble
  • : Le Redoutable, the first SSBN of the French Navy.
  • Class : Triomphant
  • : Le Vigilant, lhe last SSBN of the French Navy. (L-138;T-14 335;V-25).

  • Mythic subs

  • Le Nautilus
  • of Twenty thousands leagues under the Seas.
  • A very famous midget sub-marine !
  • The USOS Seaview
  • from Voyage to the bottom of the Seas.
  • Aquanox :
  • The world of our near future in the Abyss......

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